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Torn between 2girls


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Firstly I want to admit I have got myself into a stupid situation and I know I have done wrong.

I set up a company with a girl 5 years ago strictly professional. As time went on I got to know she was a single mum and had a daughter Aged 3 ( after 2 years) I started to take her and the daughter out and had a good time. after a time we started to date, she had a very difficult relationship with her ex and was still living in the same house. Eventually I gave up my 1 bed apartment and rented a 3 bed house. They moved in with me. About that time I met a very nice professional woman and started dating her. 5 years later I live with the second girl and she wants to get married. A few weeks ago she found out that I was still supporting the other girl and her daughter and went mad. Our relationship has not been good and I understand her hurt etc. The company that I had with the first girl ceased trading 6 months ago, I have since got a job and have been paying the rent etc from my salary. I feel responsible for the kid and can't face the thought of her been thrown out in the street.

I would really value some advice on how to get out or this situation. Is my relationship and prospective marriage ruined? If I get married how do I tell the first girl and the kid?

At this moment in time I feel like giving up and running away but I know I have to work things out.

Look forward to your help

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