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Hi there,

I just need some help regarding FWB..


Three months ago I met a girl from tinder. We had good chat for a week and decided to meet up, she asked me if I can cook for her if she comes to my place, I said I would love to cook for you but I thought she was joking until in real she came over, we had good time and we had sex on first date, after the sex I ask her she would like to see me again. And she said yes, in next date she told me she is married but she filed a divorce with her husband, I was shocked but didn't overreacted and I stil continue to see her.


We were having good sex and she told me doesn't want relationship ever again which was ok with me, we were having sex 2,3 times a week and enjoying each other company but she told me she still other guys too, she used to tell me she feel so comfortable with me and she enjoy having sex with me, but sometime I don't get ercation using condom and I had a sex with her without protection and she told me she doesn't like having sex without protection but I told her I'm cleaned I tested just couple of months ago but she still doesn't wanted.


One time I had sex with her without protection and she get really mad at me but I promised her I won't do it again but recently we had good sex and I'didnt get eraction again and I told her I can do oral sex with you but don't worry about me but she told she really want me in her and she let me do it but we both decided to do health checkup and I got my result in negative and I told her that she also checked but she didn't told me the result.


We met again and we had sex with Condom which was ok with her, next week we decided to meet again but I feel like she having a distance from me and I ask her is there something wrong and she told me no and I ask her did I do anything wrong and she got mad at me about the protection thing again and she told me she doesn't believe me anymore of using condoms but I told her you the one who told me do it without but she said she doesn't want to see me anymore, I was shocked with her response after even doing health check up.

But I also feel like may be she got bored with me but I really miss her, I really like hanging out with her but I don't what to do. She coming to my place next Sunday to get her stuff so I don't how to deal with the situation, I really want her back, please help ?


Thank You and sorry for long msg.

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You want her back, but you never really had her to begin with. As your thread title says, she is nothing more than FWB.


She sounds messy. Just filed for divorce (are you sure she's not still living with her husband?) Openly admits she is seeing and sleeping with other men, and likely not being very cautious about it. Doesn't want a relationship with you. Asks you for clean test results and won't do the same for you.


OP, what's the point?

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No she lives with her parents, I have dropped her few times at her place and I also her husband Facebook status saying single, she told me she got tested but didn't told me the result.

She her self ask me to be her lover and we were planning to go on holiday until she stop talking to me, but she sound very confuse with me, sometime she act like she really like me sometime she act like she doesn't give a damm about me.

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