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My husband talks to his ex wife way to much


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They have 2 kids together that I have been with since they were 1.5 and 3 years old so I know that parents need to talk.I have an ex also thats my childs father but we only talk when we have to.Dont you think that step moms get a bad rap from the beginning.Everyone is expecting us to be evil so when we can see and feel things aren't right we can't even tell anyone because we are called jealous and so on.There is a difference between being jealous and having a light.complaint.

Ok Im going a little stray from what I was going to talk about but heres the truth.When and if you feel things aren't as they should be with your husband/boyfriend and his ex and he tells you stuff like ,"you knew I had kids ect."don't let that detour you from investigating because I fell for this crap and found out 4 months ago that they have been talking for the last 3.5 years and have had an affair last year, well still were if you ask me because they were still talking about all kinds of crap that didn't have any thing to do with the kids.

O and he acted so perfect always saying how he hated liars and cheating and would talk down about anyone he knew did either and it sure did work because I never saw this coming from him, such a honest person ya know.

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