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I'm 24 and didn't finished highschool.


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Hello Everyone,


First of all, I hope you are doing well.I am 24 years old already, and I am from Philippines.


I didn't graduated highschool and now this is what restrains me to go outside and find work as I lacked with confidence for not having a highschool diploma, although, I can say that I am very competetive and I have intelligence.


(Basically, I'm looking down on myself along being looked down from the society?).To be more precise, I'll share some information regarding with my issue.


Also, I hope people can guide me towards a path where I can improve myself better.I only managed to step into 3rd year highschool (before, in our country it only takes 6 years in elementary, and 4 years in highschool).


Now that education policy here has been revised it takes 6 years now for both elementary and highschool.


Meaning to say, what the equivalent grade I attained in highschool is 10th grade.Now, why I didn't finished my highschool?


First, it all began on my second year in highschool, I belong from a middle class family only, there are times we make it through every week and there are weeks we are short in terms of financial status, the school is also far from my place.


Not to mention, schools here asks alot of projects which involves money such as paying for exams, and tons of miscellanous.



Second, I do not know why, but, when I come to school I feel like that all eyes are set on me, maybe because of my height being above average (which I do not prefer given that I do not like to stand out from everyone).


Because of that, I feel anxious everytime I attend school until it became severe that, there are times that some group of people will ask me if I want to to box with them (which I do not want, even though I can knock this guys out w/o breaking a sweat).


I hate violence in real life. Despite being giant, I can truly say I'm not into fights and I'm very friendly and also silent type of person.


Until we break the ice, then I'll talk like what normally people does.


Besides, even if I consult school authorities (which I did multiple times) nothing really happens and it seems like, I'm just adding fuel into the fire which was really happened.


As these guys began provoking me in any possible way ruining my exam papers etc. (In short in turns out to be bullying).


I don't really like fights so in the end, before I go to school I always do detours and do not attend to school at all.


Third, as my case of skipping classes getting severe, I didn't mentioned anything about it and kept if for myself.Then as school year is about to end, surprisingly I did pass that year despite of skipping classes for atleast 3months straight.



Thats because I've made a solid foundation in my grades from first to third grading so as the fourth arrives even getting the lowest grades I did still managed to pass that year. (As I said, I have intelligence and good understanding atleast).


Now, as the new schoolyear arrives I told my parents I do not want to go in school anymore and I told my reasons and they respected that which I am very thankful with.



So fast forward, even I dropped out in school, my hobbies of searching google for words that I don't know and reading some random textbooks where I can get knowledge didn't stopped was atleast beneficial.



I made myself a freelancer and worked as a basic programmer (really basic) and doing administrative works for a US company and I am glad that my boss did really consider my application, given that I don't have any degree or any fundamentals in terms of educational background. Our partnership lasts for 3years as per the contract stated.



Now, I am unemployed right now. What I am doing right now is learning Japanese language and its history.


I want to finish my studies or atleast get a vocational course.Although I finished a vocational course of being a barista but, didnt made it into practice.


Because, I am hesitant to apply for job as most companies requires atleast highschool graduate.I am very keen in absorbing knowledge, I know basic programming, basic coding, arts and multimedia and alot of things atleast and I'm very eager to learn. However, I'm not really passionate with these things I've learned.


Also, I don't want to stay mediocre in many areas anymore.


I want to focus in one thing and thats to become an English language teacher!


Particularly in childrens, I want them to know that education is really important and also to remind them not to make the same mistakes I did back then.


Is there any advice for me on what should I do?


I do not want to attend highschool anymore because of the longer years I have to spend now for it and I heard of GED but, I'm not sure if that is applicable here in Philippines or atleast as an equal to that.



I'm looking forward to your advices and thankyou for spending your time reading my post.



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Welcome to ENA - I don't know much about your country, but I would look into ways to get a GED-equiavalent there. I'm not sure how to get one, but hopefully there is some way to do that, so it can open doors for you.




Do you think this website might be a good start for you?

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My husband is from the Philippines (living here in the US). He is asleep atm but I will ask if he knows anything.


I do know from his stories that violence and political corruption is common over there. He was recruited in a gang while he was finishing high school, which freaked his parents out... and it was the reason why they sent him to school in the US so he wouldn't have contact with them.

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Your best bet is to talk to someone at a work force agency. Someone who helps people who are unemployed like a job headhunter. They may be able to help you network with a school. You have my husband's sympathy since the conditions you describes are common over there.

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Thankyou Annie24, looking through our department of education and I found out that it is called ALS, and A&E and yes it is like a GED equivalent exam.


However, as I am looking for more information, I found out that test that is supposed to be held on January of this year has been cancelled. There's no announcement yet on when it will be held again. But, I will inquire in our Division's office to know more about it.


Meanwhile, I downloaded the modules for the exam so I can study and review things out and once the exam date has been decided, I am ready for it.



Once again thankyou very much for taking an effort to help me truly appreciated it.

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Thankyou Snny, yes what your husband said was really true.


Although, I've never been involved in such gangs as I took all the effort I can get to avoid these things.



Also, yes almost everything around here where the govermenrt is related with is pretty messed up, that includes our education system as well.



As I've replied to Annie24, reason they said why the A&E exam for this year has been cancelled is that because no one accepts the bidding for the text booklets that will be use for that exam.


I actually found out as well, that those examiners from last year were still left hanging up waiting when will they take their exams.

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