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Getting back together after 13 years


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My ex wife from 2007-2016 left me. I tried everything to fix it.


As of this September 15, I have a super very attractive girlfriend who works with top names in the Hollywood entertainment movie industry. I am curious as too how my ex wife will react to all of this - this is all on my social media. Any ideas on how she will react, and when should I Inexpect her to end the No Contact and reach out to me? And what should I be expecting? Opinions are welcome please as I am not an expert in this sort of thing. Thanks.

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I don't understand your post.


Where does the 13 years come from? 2007-2016 is 9 years?


Also, Sept 15th is tomorrow? So have you been dating this lady a year?


Why would you think your ex would get back in contact if you haven't talked to her in a year and you've been dating someone else in that time?


Very confusing.

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According to your other threads she left you in 2004 but the divorce wasn't final until last year.


All your other threads have been about getting her attention or getting her back.


It is time to move on and enjoy this new wonderful gf before she dumps you because you are still hung up on your ex.


It is OVER! Move along.


Besides who care what your ex thinks? She is your ex right?



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