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Heart Broken Twice


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I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 years and of course the very beginning was like a fairy tail then once I moved in with him that's when everything changed. I accepted a job out of state last year and I came home every 4 weeks but he wouldn't even meet me half way or even try to make our relationship work. It's like he resented me for wanting to do what I loved and enjoyed. He put all my stuff out of the house and he started seeing someone else right after. No surprise we had sex one night then he rolled over and was texting the other woman. This was my fault and I should of never gave into his spell. Well I got laid off and moved back to Georgia from West Palm Beach, Fl and we saw each other again at a winery then all those feelings came rolling back and we sat and talked for hours and what melted my heart was he seemed really sorry for putting me through what he did and I moved back in. It seemed to be going great then after a while things changed again. I was and still struggling to find a job then one day a company called about an out of state job which was a lot closer and I would be home every weekend but he didn't even like that idea so he said we were done, however because I did not have a place to go he is letting me stay at his house until In get on my feet. sleeping in separate bedrooms of course. However prior to this time when we were together we slept in the same bed but he hasn't touched me in months and didn't even when we were sleeping together. He so me no affection wouldn't even hold my hand or kiss me. All of this because of a phone interview and what's worse I did not get the job. Go figure right. What's wrong with me?

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There's nothing wrong with you. Life tosses us curveballs sometimes, and we wonder why the heck it's happening, or what we did to deserve it. It's just, well...life.


It sounds like you two are incompatible. He wants a partner who works closer to home, and you want to pursue your passion/job.


At this point, I would put my love life on hold until I secured a job and home (away from your ex).


I'm sorry you're going through this, but you will get through it. Just keep your nose to the grindstone and stay focused on finding a job, so you can move out of his place and on with your life.

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I'm sorry this has happened, OP.


This relationship is truly over, and it sounds like it has been for a long time. Do you have any sympathetic friends in the area who could put you up instead? It is not a good idea to continue living with him. It's going to get very painful for you, given that he is not interested in getting back together and will be open to seeing others. If not, do everything you can to get a job and get out as soon as humanly possible.

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