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Broke up with my gf of 6.5 yrs....


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Long story-short:

Me and my now ex-gf have been together since our 16 yrs, we literally grown up together and passes through a lot of things in our lifes. In the last few months i started tooking her for granted and so did she.

She started to get into discussions on how i liked more my friends then i liked hers, wanted me to stop talking with my cousin(who is like a brother to me) so i started to get upset with her and asked for a break to see if things would get better. My intention was to go nc, but on the first day she texted me saying that not talking was too painful and i agreed with her and continued to chat like a couple.

A week goes by and she asks me if i could drive her home after a photo session she went, i agreed ( I really like her, let me get this very straight), well i took her up and she aske dif she could stay at my house a little while, fast forward we ended up kissing and i thought things started getting normal. A week later our kissing she asked me to sleep at her house on the holiday, i didn't agree at first since i wanted her to know that i was still upset, but i went anyways. We had a great night and had sex, she asks me to come over again on monday and i agree.

When monday comes by, we were talking about me going to her house, and suddenly she says that it won't happen cuz she got released earlier from her college and a bunch of excuses, i got upset again. Later on that day she texts me saying "Or we get back as a couple or we r done", since this came out of the blue i just answered "if this is what u want..." she did not answer.

Wednesday comes by and she calls me crying, telling me that she had an argument with her college friends and she doesn't have anyone anymore, i try to chill her and say nice things like "u will make new friends, i'm here for whatever u want" when suddenly she says "Yeah, i'm going out with some new guys", i got jealous and started a fight.

The next day comes and she says that i don't really love her, that i'm only with her cuz i think she is pretty, that's why i can't let her move on and more things like that. I kept saying for us to meet and try to have a conversation in person but she refuses, i begged, cryed on the phone and stood her ground and didn't want to see me.

I go NC, unfriended/unfollowed her on social media and the usual stuff. At sunday night i was at a friends house with some people, when then a friend of mine show's me a pic on her instagram with a guy at her house, i lose my mind, later the night i call her and asks if she is seeing someone, she replys that she doesn't at first but after some minutes she confirms that she is dating someone (a week later our real break up), i go NC again and 2 weeks later my phone starts to vibrate like hell, i go see it and ALL of my friends are talking to me on is happening, cuz she changed her facebook relationship status to a serious relationship with some random guy, and she is overflowing her instagram account with stories of her new bf, saying that he is the love of her life and other type of BS.

I'm pretty sure this is a Rebound, and i think it will last no longer then 3 months but the thing is: I really love her, and if she contacts me, my heart would say to give it another try, but my mind can't stand that, i've felt miserable, cheated and other crap feelings, i'm trying to move on, but is does hurt a lot, although i'm better then the first days....


So, any thoughts on the situation? It seems like a rebound(perhaps G.I.G.S)? Should i get her back if she comes back? I aprecciate a lot, and please, don't be mean.

Sorry for any mistakes i made since english is not my first language.

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I just feel we are too young, on our conversations about this we always expected to be marryied by 27 years. I pretty much think the same as you, that she wants me to het jealous, and she is achieving that goal, but i will not reach out to her unless she is single again.

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