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She has been ignoring me


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hi folks,


I confronted this girl I have been speaking to that lives 30 mins away. I just don't get why she's ignoring me and told her how I can fix the issue, but she never responded. Ironically, she has me on all her social media platforms, which is confusing me. I will ignore her back, but not sure why she's being so cold. She can at least message back and give me a reason. I literally didn't do anything. Thoughts?

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OP, I am sorry you are being ignored by a friend. There are many reasons people ignore others but it's not the right way to handle things. She is taking the cowards way out. You can try sending her one last Facebook message and just say, I don't know why we haven't spoken for a while but I miss you as a friend and hope everything is ok in your life. Please know I'm here for you when you are ready to talk.

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