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What went wrong ?


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Hey everyone, I will try to keep my story short as much as possible. A couple of months ago i was on a Facebook group looking for an accommodation in a city called rennes in france where I am doing my master studies now. I metba girl on this group who offered to help me with the accommodation thing. After that we started talking casually to get to know each other and after that there was a bit of interest from both sides and things went really well. We were talking for more than five hours everyday late at night, flriting and everything and she was really nice and warm with me. The day i arrived to rennes she went to pick me up from the bus station. It was our first time we meet in real but things wasn't really going well. I was tired from my journey and a bit feeling home sick so i wasn't really in the best mode and she was in a bad mode as well. She was sad That she left her parents place because the summer vacation is over and she started telling me about a guy that she met on the beach near her parents place and that They had a connection but she wasn't really in love with him it was just an attraction but she keeps talking about that All the time and How she is sad for being her. Actually it made me feel much worse Because i had no idea what was going on, what the is and why are you bothering me every couple of minutes with the story of This guysl on the beach. She even made a Facebook post about her story with him. After that we were meeting everyday for a week to help me settling in the New City and to hang out after. Some moments things were going good and some moments she is in a bad mood and sad. Anyway one week ago she went for a visit to her grandparents place. I was texting her to check up on her but the way we are talking has changed. She isn't really now into The conversation doesn't bring up stuff to talk about as she used to. Sometimes when she replies late to my messages she just apologize and say i was busy with This or doing that and I don't want you to think that i disappeared suddenly. But now she ignores my messages and tells me that she is trying to enjoy her time with her grandparents Because it's a short visit. But I can still see her spending time on Facebook. But before she always made sure to make time to talk and tell me about her day and everything. So after this kind of Cold treatment i decided not to bother myself anymore with this whole situation and just move on. After a couple of days of not talking she started liking many of my posts on Facebook and Instagram even some old ones. I took that as a sign of calling for attention so i sent her a message we started texting for a while but again the flow of the conversation wasn't really going well and she just dropped In the middle of the conversation. Again i decided to ignore her. Yesterday i posted something on the Facebook group we met on asking about directions around the city. She noticed that I didn't ask for her help so she sent me a voice message apologizing again for not replying to my earlier message because she was too busy spending time with her grandparents and she gave me directions about the place i need to go. I replied with a very cold short reply and she became very talkative and wanting to start a conversation. Next day she is back to the city from her grandparents place. I told her that i missed her and we need to meet very soon. She just told me Yeah we definitely do and then again dropped out of the conversation and ignored my messages. I am really now Fed up with This and decided to move on. I'm in a city full of people and opportunities to hang out and meet new people and that's what I am planning to do. I just want to know what exactly happened or why is she behaving This way. Was she just a friend from the beginning and i understood that in a wrong way for interest. Or maybe she had interest but It's not here anymore and if so, why is she giving this hot and Cold treatment to me. This is not even a way to treat a friend. I am really more disappointed than sad Because i thought she was different from anyone else i met from her way with me in the beginning she was so kind and nice, she was even planning outings and events and places to go once I am In the city but she didn't do any of that when I arrived. So I guess after all she is like everybody else, not that special as i thought.


Also there's another story that I forgot to mention. One time we were hanging out with a group of friends and having a few drinks. Another guy was flriting with her and she was flriting with him as well and holding hands and dancing with him. I got really jealous and annoyed but I couldn't say anything because there's nothing official between us. She noticed that I wasn't feeling well. She asked me if I was ok. Then it was getting late the guy offered to walk her to her place then i told her there is no need to do that we live next to each other places so you can just go home with me. When I insisted on that she told me i know why you are upset but don't worry i will not invite him to my place because I am not an easy girl and after that she stopped flriting with him. When I asked her if she likes the guy that was flriting with her, she told me that he was nice and enjoyed the flritation but that's it because she is not over the guy that she met on the beach yet. I was like what the is happening here. Maybe she is the kind of girl who likes leading people on and enjoys the attention or Maybe she has a messed up life and confused about what she wants. I really don't know. Would appreciate your opinions.

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