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Gf cheated multiple times but still wants to stay.


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January, I confess to my gf of 3 years that I've only been with escorts before sexually.

She attempts to break up with me, I ask if that's what she really wants and she confesses she kissed another guy.


We talk it out, like an idiot I tell her she can talk to the guy and sort it out. Stuff happens again.



Finally we reach an agreement that I'll get with someone else and she'll go the full way with this guy.

It was 100% my idea and I thought she'd get it out of her system and I'd maybe somewhat understand

what "cheating" was like. I felt bad despite having permission.

It was always a fantasy of mine for her to get with another guy etc or have a mmf threesome

but she was so against cheating and so loyal in every facet of life that, that duality was the turn on.

Doing said fantasy with said guy was obvious mistake.


She dumps me, has sex with the guy twice. I take her back in may.


Surprise, in August she confesses that she's given the guy head 3 times and sex 4.



Every time we go to break up, it doesn't happen and she convinces me that she loves me etc.

my mum stayed with a serial cheater until breaking point and I feel this karma for how I treated her for staying.


I just keep telling her to admit she doesn't love me anymore and move on, but she seems so convincing and sorry and I always back out. I feel so pathetic and worthless I think about suicide all day,

as I'm struggling in other areas of my life as well.



Any advice is appreciated.

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I read your other post as well.


This whole thing is a huge mess and the only smart thing to do is end it right away.


She has cheated on you with and without permission.

You thought letting her get it out of her system was a good idea and she went through with it.

You touched while you were spooning and she accused you are assault.

She continues to be "friends" with this guy.


What exactly do you need to happen to see this girl is not relationship material?



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She violated the terms of the open relationship. She disrespected you. Breakup with her and give yourself some time to heal.


Please speak with a professional. You will heal Mentally. Just takes time. Life is a roller-coaster. Ups and downs are part of the ride.


Take care.


Completely agree. This girl is a lost cause and you've got a serious problem with self-respect.


Get some therapy and think about the fact that if she's willing to share her body with another man while in a relationship with you, this has to be the behavior and level of respect that you will continue to receive (willingly or unwillingly) as long as you keep her in your life.

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