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He's harassing my friends


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The a-hole from the he ignored my family problems thread has started adding and messaging my friends and Co workers and supervisors. I told you guys when I saw the guy at the bar and he ignored me when I bring up personal stuff, a girlfriend friend took his side and said he doesn't know what to say. Well... he added her on FB. She told me. I told her I don't care if they date. I been busy with family stuff. She claimed she didn't want to date him but has since disappeared (we would see each other everyday) now it's only short calls I make to her. My married supervisor messaged me with a pic she asked me who is this guy. I was shocked how did she get his pic. She stated he added her and keeps messaging her..... I'm horrified. I called him and told him to leave my friends alone and told him he was a fing werido. He calmly said he has no idea what I'm talking about. Then more female friends called me there is a guy who's my friend asking them to hang out. I blocked him and told them to do the same. I'm angry and had to calm down and take my dad back to the ER. He has since made no contact with me but is still messaging girls from my list

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