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Time for a fresh start?


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I'll try and keep this as short and concise as I can because it'll be quite long winded otherwise.


So I've been with my girlfriend for 4 years and moved to her city at the beginning of this year. We've been living at her parents house whilst we save for a house. This was fine at first but it's started taking its toll when it gets to things such as intimacy, petty arguments, time alone etc.


So I pitched the idea to my girlfriend that I would move out on my own and get an apartment whilst still saving. She knows I'm finding it hard in her family's home. I've always been a more independent, out going person whereas she's always been quite the home bird but I thought even a chance to have time away from each other might help as she's becoming quite reliant on me.


So all that happened and now things aren't going so well, arguments a lot, disagreements and we've been unable to settle differences. So I've signed a contract for a flat share.


On top of all of this there's a girl that comes into my work a lot and we always have a good laugh and conversation even if it's only brief. I feel like I look forward to talking to her more than I look forward to getting home and seeing my girlfriend.


Question...is it time to end things once I've moved out?

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I wouldn't rush things. Definitely not something as permanent as breaking up, since it's all stemming for some not ideal living arrangements.


Move out of her parent's house and go to your own flat and for a couple of weeks and see how you feel.

You should also be honest with your girlfriend about your intentions and how you're feeling ASAP.


Anyway, too early to be thinking about breaking up, but only you know how you truly feel.

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