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Girlfriend Hasn't Been Interested In Sex Lately


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The past two months my girlfriend hasn't been in the mood for sex. We seem to have sex every 7 - 10 days which doesn't sound too terrible but I've always known her to have a high libido. She would always want to have sex multiple times daily so right now seems like a far cry from that. She doesn't act any different towards me and she's still very affectionate and playful but when it comes to being sexual she hasn't really been interested. I brought it up last night because I was worried about it and she just told me she hasn't been in the mood lately and it has nothing to do with me. I'm not angry or irritated about the situation I'm just worried that maybe she's lost some sort of sexual attraction. Is this pretty normal or do you think there's an underlying reason? Thanks for the advice!

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Has she started a new birth control or any new medications? Personally and with a lot of women, birth control can decrease sex drive.


Also, even though you guys are getting along are there any issues in the relationship she's been wanting fixed but are still the same? Sometimes it can be unconscious for women but if they are upset about something it can come out as less sexual attraction.

I.e. I had a boyfriend that I loved dearly, we laughed together and got a long but he was extremely possessive and jealous. No matter how many times I showed him I only had eyes for him his behavior continued. I still loved him but eventually I stopped wanting to be as intimate as before and it more more subconscious than an actual conscious decision.


In GENERAL women crave more of an emotional connection rather than just physical. That's generally speaking because some women are opposite.


Also, were you guys having a ton of sex early in the relationship? Usually that's when love feelings and attraction are the strongest, that might explain the high libido.

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How long have you two been in a relationship? and at what point in that relationship did you two start having sex? and at what point has this lack of libido occurred? (I know you said its been two months now, I'm asking for the point of time between the start of intense sex and lack of it)

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