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Is she wrong for being selfish?


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Hey guys it's been awhile since I posted on here but I wanted to know if my girlfriend is being wrong for being selfish.


So my girlfriend and I recently just started college with full time schedules and part-time jobs as well. We both love our classes since we are Juniors and the campus is amazing to be on. Since the start of the semester she's been upset at me for not having any sexual intimacy or sending sexual texts. She says that she gave up trying to sext me when she's horny since I don't respond in the right way or the conversation doesn't last longer than a minute. Now my issue is that I'm just not in the mood, but I haven't been in the mood or that state of mind for a while;actually since the start of the semester. I think it has something to do with my sleep schedule since I have to wake up at 7 everyday so I'm always groggy in the morning but I level out throughout the day but sex is the furthest thing from my mind at the moment since I have so much work to get done. (And I know people will comment saying why am I on here if I have so much work to get done). Plus on top of that I have a cold that drains my energy a crap ton as well as give me daily sinus headaches that make me feel like my head is going to explode! I want to know is she wrong for being mad and upset at me for not being able to return her sexual advances? I mean she has plenty of work as well but she's not sick, like my libido is probably in the negatives at the moment and I don't think she understands that.

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She's not entitled to get sex from you but don't be surprised that she is upset, being turned down feels like rejection and cumulatively it will probably leave her feeling Very insecure about how she looks (it did for me).


How long is this no sex thing going to last? a week? A month? Forever? Would you expect her to stay with you if it never changed? What can you do to get your libido back up? Do you love her enough to want to try and do that? Are you two sexually incompatible? Should you break up?

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Have you kindly told her that it has nothing to do with her but you're just trying to get over a cold and adjust to your very busy schedule and to try and be patient for a bit?


If you're showing her lots of affection and all you're doing is not reciprocating her attempts at text sex and she doesn't understand after you've kindly explained to her that its not abut her, then I think she needs to grow up a tad.

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I can see why she's upset, although does she know what your going through? communication is important while in a relationship. I'm sure if you told her that your sick then she'll understand. Other than that though I'd say get over that cold first though, take it easy and don't work too hard, and also go to bed early at around 9 or 10, and make sure you drink enough water and fluids. Once your over that cold then probably try making time for her. Because neither of you are in the wrong, you just need to both make time for each other and work things out.

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