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Getting over long distance bf


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i recently ended a relationship with a long distance emotionally abusive bf. I blocked him on everything but it really hurts and my body is telling me to leave some form of communication open. I know if I talk to him he will say he will change and I'll take his word for it. I know he will never change being emotionally abusive but in my heart I keep hoping he will. What are some things I need to do to move on and stop thinking about him ?

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Firstly I would like to congratulate you on taking the very first step which is blocking him everywhere and starting the no contact process.It is natural to feel like leaving some sort of communication etc but trust me this phase will get over soon.Just don't give in and keep

him blocked.In order not to feel all these things and have such thoughts.The first thing you can do is distract yourself.Don't think about it at all.Sometimes it may hit you but brush it off again.Watch shows,get into hobbies.Stay busy,you might still get these thoughts from time to time but soon it will be over.Take control of your life,do whatever you had to.Anything.Go out with friends and family.Read books if you want to.Take care of yourself.Eat healthy,sleep

properly.You will see the difference.In the earlier stages it's usually harder and you still may cry sometimes,but grief all that you want to.Take it out of your system and let time heal everything slowly for good and moveon.Goodluck!

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Tbh girl, find another guy and have fun with the moment... Or move out of town for a while and do fun activities to keep your mind of of him. because if you stink in the same place with the same environment. You will fall back to him. but if you change your style a bit and find other hobbies to focus on and notice what living is about. you will notice that he is not good and you will not go back with him.

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