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Scared that I'll regret breaking up with him?


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I've been with my current boyfriend for about 18 months, and I tend to go through periods of being happy and unhappy. He's very hardworking, has a good job and I love his family. He also frequently tells me how he couldn't live without me and that he'll always love me. He's been very stressed over the past 6 months due to some legal issues and this has led to him having mood swings. He'll often ask me to come round as he needs support, and once I get there, he'll refuse to speak or come near me and give little explanation. It's happened probably 10-15 times within the past few months and I've told him how much it upsets me, as the reason that I come to visit him is because he wants my support; but it hasn't changed his behaviour. He's said that the ignoring me is just due to these legal issues and that he'll stop once the whole issue is over (which is within the next few months), but the mood swings did occur before these issues but to a smaller extent. Recently, I was staying at my friend's house and met another guy who I clicked with, and he tried to kiss me. I told him that I had a boyfriend and wasn't going to cheat, and then didn't see him again but he's tried to get in contact. The problem is, I now cannot stop thinking about this other guy and I can't tell whether I'm wanting to end it with my boyfriend because of these feelings, or because I'm unhappy in my relationship. I have noticed that when I was with my ex boyfriend, I never thought of other guys. However, when I'm with my current boyfriend, I often imagine how it would be if I was with someone else. I'm a lot more outgoing than my boyfriend and he often doesn't want to socialise or go out in the evenings, which may seem like a small issue, but it really bothers me as I love going out and trying new bars and visiting places. He can be absolutely lovely 75% of the time, but just has this different side to him where he takes his stress out on me. We recently went on holiday with his family, and his family viewed his mood-swings first hand and told him that I was too good for him. I've not felt excited at the prospect of seeing him at all recently and actually avoid speaking or seeing him, but I don't want to end it and then instantly regret it; as I'm not sure whether I'm confused due to this crush on another guy, or whether my boyfriend and I aren't suited. I'm totally confused and have felt like this for about 6 weeks now. I've gone through this phase before but then it seems to pass, but I can't seem to get out of it this time. If anyone has any advice or has been in a similar situation, I'd really appreciate it!

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Break up with the bf, as he is being disrespectful. Inexcusable.


The other guy is also disrespectful, as you told him you have a bf, and he ignored. THIS SHOULD BE A HUGE RED FLAG!!!!!!


You don'd seem to understand when people are treating you disrespectfully. Lose both guys, and make better choices.

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Who people are when they are stressed out, anxious and sad is who they are. Anyone can be lovely when everything is going right. I pick my partners by how they handle life's hard knocks. Because life is rough. The people who are worth staying with are the people who handle the hard parts with grace. If he has a habit of taking things out on you now? What is it going to be like in another two years? Because hard stuff will keep happening.

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