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Im not sure about her anymore


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I need some advice please. Its gone beyond talking to her, now I must make my decision. I will list some points.


Dating for around 5 months. So not long at all.


Things have been going really well but she constantly puts me down. Says shes way to pretty for me and can do.better and I find it annoying.


We spend all our time together, she cant really spend much time alone.


Im in a new city and I try to make friends but she recently got annoyed by a girl friend of mine who id organised to go for coffee with. Needless to say I had to cancel. I offered to introduce her if it made her feel better but she was convinced im up to no good.


She wants to move country and I said I would comprimise, stay here for another year and ill gladly move with her once id seen the sights.


But right now she has been saying she doesnt trust me and I hate it.


She is saying she doesnt know if she will stay and is deciding what to do, so im feeling really insecure right now.


Her job is up in 2 weeks and I said she could stay with me to save on rent so she has as she was money.worried.


Now all of a sudden she has sprung on me that shes going to south america with her recently single friend instead of staying here to look for a job for 2 weeks.


She wont give me any security that she wants to stay and I think I may have pulled a bad move and say until she does im gonna end things now.


I really cant deal with not knowing whats happening and I know her and her friend are going to party.


I had trust up until now but she wont tell me if she wants to be with me.


Im going crazy I just want to end things right now. She says she loves me but I dunno.


Just to note she was 6 months out of a 3 year marriage when we got together. I feel like a rebound


I cant stop her going but I dont want to be miserable

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Things have been going really well but she constantly puts me down. Says shes way to pretty for me and can do.better and I find it annoying.


How can things be going well, but yet she makes you feel like ****? If anyone ever says that they can do better than you, you drop them, like a sack of potatoes. That's demeaning and it absolutely means they have no respect for you.


You've made a lot of compromises in this lack of relationship and have laid yourself out like a doormat and she knows it and has no respect for you because you've established no boundaries.


Your gut is telling you all you need to do right now and that is this quote- im gonna end things now.


So do it.

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I only read the first few lines. Why are you tolerating negative people around you? Tell her to conduct herself in a mature, adult like fashion. If she doesn't then leave her. We get what we tolerate in life.


Your saying you dont want to be miserable, yet you are choosing a path of misery with this woman. Get yourself free of her and choose a healthy woman who doesn't treat you in this abusive way.

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Hello, sorry to say this but honestly I think you deserve someone better. The fact that she would say that she's way too pretty for you is a big red flag mate. Sorry to break it to you, but its pretty clear that she doesn't love you. She shouldn't make you feel insecure in the first place if she cared and really loved you. A lot of times people say insecurities comes from yourself. Its your own issue coming from yourself and you gotta deal with it by trusting and blah blah but in your case I think its safe to say that she's making you insecure and its not your fault that you felt that way. My ex said she loved me, but action speaks louder than words. Her 'I love you' would mean nothing if her actions speak otherwise. They are just words. Mate, I advice you to break up with her asap. She isn't worth it. Can you imagine yourself spending the rest of your life listening to her say I am too pretty for you ? There are a lot of potential lovers out there. Maybe you would be miserable at first but trust me, things will get better. Someone better will come along and you will be thanking yourself for letting this one go. I hoped everything goes well for you.

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