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She keeps our relationship off social media.


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Hi all! I need a female perspective on this because I feel slightly strange about it. I've been with my girl 8 months now and things have been great. Honeymoon period over and we have told that we love one another. She is very active on both Facebook and snapchat with her friends and family but never me. I asked her about this and snaps she receives from an ex flame but she insisted they are generic snapchats that everyone receives. I still feel a little uncomfortable about this. I mentioned this to her before twice but says she stays in touch with some exes as they are good people.


I have met her family, she has met mine, she has met my son and he really likes her too. She says she is a very private person but the privacy only seems to be with me. She says she has always been like this. Things have been slightly intense lately between us, probably the end of the honeymoon period and settling into a routine together. I admit I can be a little insecure and a little on edge, I tend to overthink and it can cause wedges.


It's part of my personality and something I feel I can't help. I have heard rumours about her past etc such as drug fuelled threesomes which has affected me slightly but we all have a past.


I know I love this girl and I'm sure she feels the same. Social media just frightens me.

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I personally don't post about my relationship online, either.


I used to, and then learned how painful it is to house-clean after a breakup and the ensuing questions that followed from eagle-eyed observers. It's not fun having to explain why a significant other's pictures and posts have all been taken down. For this reason, I now keep my romantic relationship off social media, though my partner and I are on each's contact lists and are open about our respective profiles.


Our friends and family know we are together and we are integrated into each other's lives. That's enough for us. It might seem strange to others, but I don't really worry about how others perceive us anyway.

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Get your own self security down before going into the deep end with someone. Or else you'll find yourself at this point again and again.


She sounds like an ex party girl from what you said, that doesn't mean she's not relationship material but probably means that she will have some issues with intimacy. She might be keeping her relationship details from social media to keep her options open. She might just be shy. I dont know her and your still very much getting to know her. Only time will tell.


It sounds like you need her to make you feel secure, and that's not going to work. Anything and everything can happen in a new relationship. Take a step back, focus on having a good time. Let her come to you with emotional commitment. Be stable within yourself first and foremost.

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