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Damn it! ..


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Why the hell all of a sudden I have again begun to miss my ex. Today I missed him terribly and today is my 48th day of NC. I should have been doing healing instead I felt so emotionally drifting towards him.

Since, I have been dumped and I did all the begging, crying all the drama which emotions makes you to do. Hence, I am not going to break my NC I am firm on that, but at times like today it becomes challenging to stick on to NC.

Why? Why it still hurts? Why all of a sudden things got fresh? When things related to him will be completely over for me?

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It's a long process.. we all have it happen to us. Something reminds you, something triggers an event that makes you miss them. Guess what? They don't give a damn about you or they'd fight to get you back. Don't ever forget that. Trust me, someone out there feels like you and is just waiting to meet you. Let the universe take its natural course. Go do something fun, you don't have to answer to anyone, especially someone who doesn't want to enjoy your presence.


Smile, you're alive. Do something you feel like doing, let life happen and forget the person who took you for granted.

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Because grief is not linear. It's not like, 1% down each day, until we are at 0%. It's down, down, down, up, down.....kind of like weight loss, lol. Or the stock market.


It's so difficult. I've been there. For me, long holiday weekends are the toughest. Not sure where you are, but it's Labor Day in the U.S., so it's a 3-day weekend. If you are in the U.S., and you are facing a 3-day weekend without the couple-y plans you'd have had if you were still together, that makes it harder. Any weekend, actually.

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