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He deleted our photo from insta


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So we have been dating for 6 weeks, we met when I was in his country. Now we talk and try to keep in touch .. I deactivated my instagram account for a couple days now I open to see what he has posted and see that he deleted a pucture of us . That picture was before we started being lovers but anyway I am feeling too sad about it. I don't know what to do. Should I tell him anything or I would look to desperate?

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So, you went to his country, you slept with this guy and now you kept in touch with him online but he deleted your photo. Sounds like you were his summer fling and now he wants to date some other girl in hs home town and out of respect for her he doesn't want a photo of some girl he slept with so available to her.


This is one of many different ideas as to what could have happened.


Are you planning to move to his area anytime soon? Just brag about this guy you got laid with to your friends and then go meet someone in your local area.

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