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Dating a DJ


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So I'm 24 years old and hold a great 9-5 office job my boyfriend is 38 and is a DJ at several gay bars around the city, we have been together for 3 months now and everything is going great we are a very active couple. A week ago we were out drinking and I lost my mind and went off about cheating. This man has not given one reason to distrust him or even think anything about it! I mean it is annoying hearing him say people have him rides home after a gig and things like that but he has always been transparent. Since then we are fine and things are back to normal but since that day I put it in my own head and now I'm alway a nervous wreck when he goes out but don't say anything but he hasn't done anything wrong! I don't know how to stay out of my own head and go back to normal. I mean I know even a CEO working 6am to 3 can be a cheater but I need help not being a lunatic! Any advise would help! I don't want this guy to leave!

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