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Shall i ignore her or keep on replying and getting hurt?


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I met this girl on tinder and we really liked each other and we have been chatting since 2 months and met twice. Recently i was away for my vacation and she confessed that she likes me but doesnt feel anything ahead and wanna stay friends. I told her, i liker her and i consider her more than a friend but she doesnt want that. I stopped texting her and after two days she messages again that she misses me and we come to the same topic and after an argument, she tells me she was in a relationship with a married guy for 6 months and she really loved him. In the end he chose to b with the wife, after the wife caught him cheating. He is still stuck on her mind... i stopped texting her after that...

As soon as i came bk from vacation, same night she wanted to meet me. She came over and we got physical. Next day, she texts me that, it was a mistake to come over and whatever happened after that. She has one more issue, she will have some operation soon which she doesnt really wanna talk to me and its eating her from inside. Our Conversations are on and off. She texts then disappears and i reply her good whenever she texts but she ignores me sometimes . I recently noticed on whatsapp that she has deleted my fone number from her phone. I really like her and hoping to have a future with her but confused what to do!!! Its said when a girl is confused walk away!! But what should i do, when she texts me in few days? Shall i ignore or reply?

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