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I'm scared for high school


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in middle school, I was never popular. never had many friends. but it was still pretty small so I had my few friends. I wasn't happy, I was depressed from 7th-8th but i wasn't scared. I'm scared. My best friend (he probably doesn't consider me his best friend) I'm afraid is gonna leave me for more popular friends. it happen to me in both 7th and 8th grade. I had no where to sit in 8th grade til I sat at his table. We were friends in 7th but not that close. anyways, he has these friends who I mean they are cool with me but they don't consider me friends and never will. I had a good friend but he went to another HS. I'm just so scared also cause I'm VERY shy. It's so hard for me to make friends. I've made like 3-4 friends in MS. also I'm not attractive sadly, athletic, or anythunf like that. never and probably never will have gf cause I'm shy and not good looking which are probably the worse qualities. I have mini day today (it's 3:40am, can't sleep) and I already know with my luck I'll be in classes with people who know each other and Idk anyone. I'm gonna have to go through four years of this...

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I think you will find that high school is different from middle school. Students are older, for one. And since several schools usually feed into one school, then many students will be meeting new friends, as you likely will too.


Best way to meet someone is to get involved in a sport or club. Do you like music? Join the choir or band. Cross country running is starting up now, if you like to run. There might be a chess club, or a coding club.


Start a study group for your math class, or science class. I got to know some friends that way. Or a club that volunteers for food banks.


Hope your day went well.


And remember - a way to have a friend is to be a friend to someone. So look around and see who needs a friend and get to know them.

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I was just like you in school, shy and anxious. Just know it's normal for friends to come and go. People evolve and may get other interests, and move to other groups of friends. Never count on one person to fulfill all of your social needs. That's smothering. Like the other poster said, there will always be clubs you can join with others who have a shared passion. What helped me was to join a group outside of school called the International Order of Rainbow for Girls. It's a nationwide group, so Google to see which assemblies they have in your area. They do things for charity, and the girls hold offices where you have to memorize your part, which involves public speaking. Public speaking was always scary for me, but sometimes you have to do what's good for you, even if it is scary. The practice of public speaking helped me in my career, since now I have to regularly teach classes and do some public affairs events, and I'm more comfortable getting up in front of a group because of my Rainbow girl experiences.


Have you spoken to your parents about depression? Perhaps they can get you some clinical help with the problem. I wish I could go back in time to have done this myself. In the meantime, get some books from the library or read articles on improving your self esteem. When you like yourself, bullies won't be attracted to you and you will attract more friends when you feel you have a lot to offer. Take care.

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I can't join a club this year. I'd rather not say why on the internet but I'm not allowed to. Regardless, it's difficult for me to make friends. Not cause I'm rude or stuff but simply I'm not open. Also, in my first and last classes, I pretty much have no one. I mean I have a friend kinda but he has a way better friend in that classe. In my last period again same thing. And also, there was beautiful girl in my last class but again I have no chance..

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I have a bad relationship with my parents. they aren't abusive or anything just I don't really like them. I don't do anything with them usually and I won't tell anyone this irl. I have therapy but it's not even for depression because I mask it quite well. and I can't do clubs. even if I wanted to

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