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Me and my had a somewhat toxic relationship, i have changed for good i was going through alot of things, i never hit or abused her. I was the toxic one in the relationship but she didnt help with some actions. How do i get her back and prove to her im in a better place and i wanna give us a fresh start? She has a new fling of three weeks and i see her everyday at school. I WANT TIPS ON HW TO GET HER BACK... NOT MOVE ON LOL! Thank you

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First, don't do anything to try and split her up with the new guy. That will push them closer together and make you the common enemy. Nothing pushes people closer than a common enemy. You have to let this relationship organically dissipate as depending on how long you guys were together, this is probably a rebound. Second, you can't convince someone to love/be attracted to you. You have to show them the new you through actions not words. Show your not bothered about the new guy and act indifferently/polite. This will raise your value in her eyes because your talk everything in your stride in a mature fashion. Thirdly, keep your cool, be confident and find someone new. Don't get into a committed relationship right away but if she sees you with another girl, she may go into panic mode, and then you have the power.


Keep us posted, if you want her back you have to make rational decisions. Your in it for the long haul.


Good luck.

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You might as well speak to her from the heart.


You've created several threads on this topic. It's clear you'll do just about anything to try to reconcile. She has to want it too. If she's with someone else, you would be best advised to maintain your dignity and not do the Pick Me Dance. It's not attractive, and if she's the type to like her ego stroked, she will love having two guys "fighting" for her.


Usually when a girl wants someone, there is no need to any Pick Me dancing. My guess is that, unfortunately, she'll leave you both in the dust sooner or later. If she was really into either one of you, she wouldn't even be entertaining the other option.

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