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Getting back with my ex girlfriend mother of my child


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Hi I'm 41 years old and have recently split with my girlfreind of 4 years who is the mother of my 2 year old son - it's all happened very fast (2 days after returning from holiday) she has now moved out of my house to live with our friends

The fall out has been about attention and me apparently not giving enough out - I do have regrets about this that I would like to change but so far I have hit a dead end - I would also say my ex is very impulsive and has rushed this whole split up with at the start was both of our idea

I've tried not to be clingy and desperate but have been clear as to where I went wrong and that it was worth another try

My ex is currently on holiday with my son (we were all meant to go together with her with friends) and is back In a couple of days and she will need to find some where permanent to live which will be tough both financially and also in just finding some where

I've left her alone while she's away and got a late night text asking how I was a couple of days ago saying she was finding the whole thing hard so i must be on her mind


I just don't know what to do I'm trying to move on with my life but keep holding out that we can sort this out - any advise please ?

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I will solve your problem below. But I am confused so this comment will have two parts:


Questions If it was both of you guys' idea, what is the problem? Also, if you want her back, why didn't you give her this attention and appreciate her while she was there? What'll stop you from getting comfortable again and possibly losing her a second time down the road?


Advice and Solution The next time she contacts you (likely after she gets back) just casually state that she can stay with you until she figures something out. Tell her it's silly to struggle on purpose and make it harder than it has to be just because you & her had an issue. Then, if she agrees, start showing a better side of yourself once she moves back in. Good luck!

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