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should i trust him?


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Hi everyone,


here's my story:

Me and my bf broke up 3 month ago because lots of things happened at my life and in general it was rough to deal with everything in the same time.

In a nutshell; 2 of my friend, both girls, moved in to my one bedroom apartment because of the landlord sold they house and kicked them out. They were here for a month, there was no privacy at all for me and my man. In the same time i've worked 6-7 days because i got promoted and had to deal with my responsibilities so we couldn't see each other and i decided to let him go because it was unfair to expect him to stick around.

Brake up was hard, but after a month everything went back to normal with me and we started to seeing each other like nothing happened. He was really sweet, always wanted to spend time with me he slept at mine at least 4 days a week, we went out etc.


We carried on until last week or so when i decided clear things up and be a couple again.

First he was shocked and said he is happy like this but changed his mind because its clearly didn't work out for me.

Then he decided to tell me that he hooked up with 5ppl in the meantime... but just for sex, but lied about it because he would've upset me and i was overwhelmed anyway. When i asked why and what happened he said he doesn't know why but he regrets everything. He told me some details and said that it was just a hookup and he's got no contact with them since. I kept asking questions and after a couple of lies he told me that he got 2 of them on Facebook, and two of them was from his work (he works in a bar).


He promised that he's got no feelings involved and will sort them out if we are a couple again, but he doesn't want to delete them.

Should i trust him? I mean we broke up so he could do whatever, but he was lying for so long!?

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Not that I condone lying but if you guys broke up it doesn't really matter what he did. Sounds like you broke up with him too, don't exactly understand the "I let him go" statement. He isn't a caged animal. If things get hard in a relationship I wouldn't just end it if I wanted to be with that person.

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He was lying because he knew it would upset you. Not the smartest move to lie, but I don't believe he was trying to hurt you by doing so.


I'm not sure what he means by "sorting them out" if you became a couple again. What is there to sort out? If there were no feelings involved and he regretted it anyway, there shouldn't really be any unfinished business there - unless there's a bit more to it than he's letting on.


As you said, you were broken up and he was free to do what he wanted. So he did. The question now is if you will be comfortable knowing he's also in direct contact with the two he works with (unless you meant they're bar patrons and not coworkers) and wants to maintain indirect contact with the two he added on social media.


I have to admit that I'm not entirely clear why you broke up, or who ended it, though. I know you said life got busy for a little bit there, but it seems a bit hasty to just end it rather than ride it out together. Can you clarify what happened?

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