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So, me and this guy went out for about half a year. It was kind of intense: I was very much in love, and he wasn't really. Actually, he was dating me and this other girl, which led to lots of dramas, mutual stalking, passive agressive facebook post...you get the picture.


in March I left himt I and moved on with my life. It was a bit hard for me to get over my feelings, but I eventually did. During the first months, I stopped following him and said girl in social media, even thought we (me and guy) remained in friendly terms.


Time passed, I met another boy, whom I'm with and very happy today. The thing is, after I realized I could stalk my ex without feeling bad, I started doing that obsessively. I look at his facebook and blog quite often, and I also look on his girl's blog almost every day, just to know how their relationship is going (if it's happening at all).



It's not like I want to leave my bf to be with my ex. I don't want that at all! But his life with his girl (she's an important part of my obsession, perhaps even more than him) is like a soup opera I can't stop watching.


Said ex sometimes text me the usually "I miss you", but I'm just polite with him. He also seems to stalk me online very much, but that I just blame on his ego that apparently likes to have lots of girls around. It's me that I can't understand, rsss


Have any of you guys gone through this? Is that normal?





PS: My bf doesn't know I do that, but he's not the jealous kind. Also if he were to ask me about the ex, I'd probably just tell him the same things I've just typed here.

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I honestly don't think my bf minds that I do that. I'm on friendly terms with all my exes and so is hi with his. We both agree that being jealous of exes is pretty much a teenager thing: if I wanted to be with my ex, I wouldn't have left him to begin with.


The ex I'm talking about here IS kind of weird - unlike me, he does nothing to hide his massive stalking- but not to the point that I would go so far as blocking him.

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