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Me and my girlfriend has been dating for 4 years , I've done a lot for her but we were on and off when I met her she never smoked until now . I've asked her to stop smoking and she refuses to , I asked her to choose one me or weed she says weed so we break up then after a week or two I missed her so I texted her telling her that I will allow her smoking just to see if I can atleast try and see if I could handle it but I can't . She isn't trying to stop smoking and she's not even trying to stop so what should I do ?

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Stick to your original decision to dump her, because it was the right decision for you. Then take time to heal - get busy with your friends, join some hobby or sports groups, get out and just do stuff as much as possible. Stay busy and start having some fun. Yes, there will be times when you miss her, but resist contact at all costs because it will just set back your healing to zero. Push through and keep on moving until one day you realize that you don't miss her anymore.

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