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Ex girlfriend what is she doing


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I probably sound like a broken record, a few weeks ago my ex finished fire school, she met a guy (26) she just turned (20) the guy just got out of a 2 yr relationship. The ex and I are still close and I wanted her back, now that is out of my system it seems she is trying to make me jealous. Her and the guy are friends but she claims he is not her type and told a few Of us she doesn't want to date anyone after me idk what that means but I guess I was a bad bf 🤔. So yesterday she goes to a party and she is plastered she sends me a pic of her and the guy( the guy picked up from the party) he is alls a fireman but in another City and district. It was on snap chat and it appeared the pic was only to me? Why I may ask idk, and I was relieved with myself that it didn't bother me anymore. Was she trying to seek my attention, is she trying to get a reaction, she knows me as the jealous bf that got annoyed even if a guy I didn't know even looked in her direction, Ik that sounds bad but I'm just protective of what's mine( Ik it still sounds bad) but why is she sending me pics of her and this guy and now asked me this morning if she can sleep over my house tonight ummmmm???

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Why don't you ask her since you're still allowing her to play with your mind with these games.


Have you worked on your obsessive nature? If not, you should be because it's going to cause you problems in all of your romantic relationships when you talk about a person "being yours" and are jealous over things that your partner is unable to control.. such as when another person looks at her.

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You got jealous if a guy even looked in her direction? And you're "protective" over what's "yours"? Dude. No. Just no.


She is no longer your girlfriend and nobody ever belongs to anybody else anyway. As for why she is doing this, who knows? Sounds like she is immature and attention-seeking, if that picture was really just sent to you.


It seems you need to cut yourself off from her. She will eventually date someone somebody else (as will you) but do you really want a court-side seat while that happens?

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The two of you have a very unhealthy dynamic.


You feel she's "yours". She yanks your chain to get you jealous. You get jealous. You two have more drama-riddled conversations. Then more game-playing. Rinse and repeat. Forever, it seems.


Does all this make you happy? Feel loved? Feel secure and fulfilled?


I guess I'll never understand the appeal of "drama relationships", but apparently there are a lot of people who believe that all this drama means "true love".

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