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Boyfriend broke up and lost feelings prematurely. Can he turn around?

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Ok so me and my ex had known each other for years but once we started hanging out one on one we realized that we have so much in common and plenty of similar interests. There was an instant spark and really strong chemistry. He'd be constantly telling me how happy he was to have me and that although we have been stuffed around by people in the past we need to let that go and it will make us even closer. We were so close and happy. We both got a job offer that required us to live overseas together for three months. Thing is we are both musicians so often this meant living in each others pockets and driving in a van for 7 hours a day. We were so happy and excited when we found out we were both going, but we hadn't properly become a relationship with a label until a few nights before we left. Anyway, we never really got a honeymoon period and things on tour became difficult because of living conditions and being in eachothers pockets and we'd find ourselves bickering. This is not to say we didn't have awesome times with each other, but we were both also very stressed mentally and physically from performing every night, and from things going on in our personal lives. Eventually he became to distance from me as he kept growing tired and sick, and i put a lot of this down to him having depression and having to deal with a court case in the family.


We always had the attitude that things would be fine and this wasn't a normal environment. Towards the end of the tour he grew sick and tired and I began feeling neglected. Once we returned home he informed me that he wished to break up because his feelings for me had been lost during the tour and even the few days we were a part he didn't miss me. Personally, I feel we should've given it a shot back home in our normal environment to rekindle our spark and enjoy that honeymoon period we never got. Even when breaking up and arguing we still got along but he was adamant that he felt something was missing now and his feelings had changed. I now feel like he made all these promises to me and never gave it a true chance and that's what hurts. I'm hoping he will come around and realize he has been hasty. Do you think there is a strong possibility that he could turn around? We had so much going for us, but on tour he started growing tired and sick both mentally and physically and that put strain on us to the point of him deciding he has no feelings. It's only been a day since the break up but he is convinced he has no feelings and nothing I say about not giving this a proper shot can change his mind. He says he wishes to remain close friends and that he enjoys my company, I told him to have an open mind and that if he feels any slight thing that he should approach it with positivity rather than "nup it's done" (which is how he had been approaching things). Odd thing is he tells me he's been crying his heart out and ending it was so hard for him.

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Well, I would look at the past three months as kind of a marriage, and it's not good that when you were stressed and together you argued. Imagine if you were really married and had to put up with young kids running around, paying bills, having to work and shop and so on. During this time he might have seen a side of you he didn't like, or if he suffers from depression or anxiety problems and he just couldn't take the closeness.


It's too bad but a trip like you took can really bond two people or it can break them up, and it seems like it broke you two up. If you keep in contact with your bf you're probably destined to do the on/off thing for a couple of years. But you might be happier looking for someone who wants you and you can get along with without arguments.

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