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He ended it after 4 years


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So after 4 years and an engagement he broke up with me, we had our issues, nothing major just arguing. He told me there is no chance as his feelings have changed and he is no longer in love. He just turn e 30 and I believe he is suffering with depression. Thing is, I want him back, it's been a week and we have still tx everyday just no good morning or good night tx. I want him back and I'm what can I do

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Did you see signs that he was pulling away from you?


You say there were no major issues, just arguing - what were you arguments generally about?




The issue were just Petty arguments, he lost his job earlier this year but for another job, I was at uni trying to better myself. I did feel that he was becoming colder but for me this just doesn't feel like it's enough to throw away 4 years and an engagement.

He has tx me everyday since saying how sorry he is and how I'm great and I deserve eveuthing? I said yesterday that we can't continue to talk as this is hurting me more as it doesn't feel real? I know he's depressed he uses to just cry all the time and I tried to help but he said he will be ok?

I really need help with this because I love him and want him back but I don't know what to do

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Any chance he has met someone else?


I know it's not pleasant to consider, but it could explain his colder demeanor and willingness to break an engagement.


I don't think that is the case, like last night he kept saying sorry I deserve better, I'm great, his life is over he has nothing but still he won't take me back? i said ok so do you want me to leave you alone then cus your confusing me? He then says he just doesn't want to speak with anyone. I haven't replied. I know he's going through some and to me he seems very confused it's like 30'came and he just turned, he Crys a lot and I know he's very down but again so am I. I think I jeee to try the no contact I'm a firm believe of it's it's love it will always come back so hopefully this hasn't just been a wasted 4 years and a ring

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