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How long did it take for your ex to contact you?


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Today is my day 40 of NC. My dumper hasn't contacted me yet and I have worked too hard since the break up that now I don't even expect neither want a single text from him. Once, you push yourself and starts changing regularly a little by little, then there is no point to turn back. It's just a phase where you keep up the hope, gradually you'll get back to the reality and this hope of getting back together will eventually fade away.

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First ex: sporadic contact the first 3 months from both sides, and then nothing significant until 2 years later when he initiated (mostly NC though besides random sightings - I was pathetic in most of these btw). We mutually discussed getting back together around 3 years after the breakup but decided not to pursue.


Second one: longest NC period was about 6 months - but we were on and off a lot, with mostly me cutting it off because he didn't want to commit properly. He was always the one to break contact. I think I did it once or twice.


Third one: 3 months until a little contact, and then nothing until 5 months after that (NC otherwise). He left me for another girl. First contact he sent me a pic of them two together which really hurt me. Last contact, (the 5 month later one) he was begging for me back after they broke up and saying he'd always love me.


Fourth/Latest one: 2.5 months NC until a random bump into each other and late night texting that died off. He then continued to e-mail me for about three weeks here and there until I stopped responding. Continuing NC now. It's been a month since his last e-mail.


I was dumped by all of them except the second one (but even then it was because I wanted more and he didnt). I initiated NC immediately in all cases except the first one, where it took me 3 months of begging to realize space was needed.


Contact doesnt really mean much though - they were usually only breadcrumbs in the first few months. It wasn't until a LOT of time had passed that their contact meant anything.


If they don't want you, why would you bother contacting them? Stay strong and realize you deserve someone who wants you as much as you want them. (I need to take my own advice)

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My dumper ex called me within 20hours of me starting the NC back in early May. ( we had been messaging every hour since we started our relationship)


Since then, she has fed me breadcrumbs, almost everyday. Each of those breadcrumb messages would mess up my minds.


Now though, I am concentrating on other women, I am healing. It took a few new women to steer my mind off my ex.


My ex is now going slightly desperate and send me references of our old relationship.

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I was broken up with after a year and a half, and went 8 months NC before I showed up at her work out of nowhere, due to a serious injury in her family, I was concerned for their well being. We worked things out that night, and have been happier and stronger than ever going on 2 months.


I do not recommend going this route, haha. Although she was too scared/nervous to reach out herself, so she was glad that I took the first step.

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My ex contacted me after a month. But it just made things worse and put me behind in my recovery. I think usually they will contact you at some point if the relationship was long and serious but it usually is not for the reason you want. Maybe they are lonely or bored or want to hook up but they don't want to get back together. So if they don't keep contacting you consider yourself lucky because you will be able to move on easier.

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