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Going on a date


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Idk what topic to put this under so I put it under relationships. So I'm going out with a guy to forget my ex. But I have no interest in him. But everyone keeps telling me I need a new guy to forget an old one. Am I doing the right thing because I just feel like I'm leading him on.

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Using a person as a rebound can be pretty hurtful to them. If you have fully disclosed that then he knows what he is getting into. But I still question the actual helpfulness of a rebound.


I don't believe it is helpful. I think it is a distraction from your pain. I think introspect and self improvement is a better course.


In the end though you should do what you think is best for you. Although I am against the idea of having a rebound who doesn't know they are a rebound.

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Don't do that to someone......would you like it to be done to you?


The poor guy would probably be on this forum in a few weeks telling about this callous girl he met, who had no interest in him other than to distract her from her ex.


Do some work on yourself...... and remember to try and hold yourself to honourable standards.....you'll sleep better at night!!

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This is such a bad idea. You wouldn't want this to happen to you. Using someone else to get over an ex is never cool. Go out with your friends instead. Find new hobbies to take your mind off your ex. I would ignore the people who say you need a new guy. The new guy could possibly end up head over heels for you after the first date, but he won't get the same in return because your still thinking of your ex. Its not fair. Date again when your positive that you are ready.

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