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Fictional boyfriend issues

Guest WolfHeart

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Guest WolfHeart

Hi I'm not sure in what category put this but here goes.

Last year I went on holiday to Italy to visit my family. Whilst there I saw a guy that lived nearby, however he was way out of my league.

When I got back I found myself often daydreaming about him. One day my friends brought up the subject of relationships and stuff and questioned me about not being in a relationship for some time since I broke up with my last boyfriend. I felt slightly under pressure and felt that the guy(i found out his name was Davide) would be a perfect base for this little lie. I told them about my "relationship" with him and described him to average standards building on what I knew of him (it was pretty believable, they still think it's true), then I said he broke up with me and complained to my friends that he thought of it as a summer fling, I as a real relationship. However this is not the point. At home I began thinking of him a lot more as I said building more and more on his character, and now in my mind it wasn't Davide I saw, it was my own imaginary interpretation of who he was, (I also changed some of his physical features to ones that suited me) he was no longer Davide, this was another person.

Now when my friends bring up "Davide" to tease me my heart tears apart and feel real feeling about the guy in my head, as if it really happened, as if he really left me, as if I really loved him. I do not understand this connection I am feeling for something/someone that was just a bluff to mask my non existent love life.


The guy in my head does not exist and thoe events didn't happen but my heart is torn like he really did dump me.

Sorry this was really long.

My questions:


1)is it normal to feel like an imaginary person is/was real and affects/affected you?

2)why am I connected to this imaginary guy?

3)how can I get over this fictional "break up"?

4)should I go see a psychiatrist?

5)what the f*** is up with me?

Any help/advice is appreciated

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