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What's going on?


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So I'm in my mid 20s been out of luck with relationships for a while, and life. Never were really in love. There were some occasions where I felt a strong attraction towards someone, but it wasn't love. Was mostly sexual.


A year ago I met this girl. Shes 6 years younger than me. She was always really cute with me, smiling at the stupid bs I say, laughing at my stupid jokes. She always waved at me smiling when I arrived. Cutest little thing. First I thought she's just a general nice person, but I realized she's not like that with other people.


We were still seeing each other at the place we first met, but due to unfortunate circumstance and mean people she left, and I did too soon after. I kinda liked her a lot, but nothing really developed in the month I got to knew her, so I was like that's that. But apparently the lord creator had other plans.


I took this job, and unknown to me at the time, it was next to the school she was going to. Turns out she has a boyfriend now. Everything changed. It was like 2 months since we last met, she didn't even say hello. Nothing. I was like OK, fine, whatever. I thought it's all over, we will pretend that we never even knew each other, I'm going to be done with this job soon anyways. Then out of nowhere they come across me in the city and she greets me with a big smile waving at me. Her boyfriend wasn't too happy about that either I guess.


Then she shows up at my gym. I don't know if she expected me to show there or not. But she was there. Maybe it was by accident, I don't know.


She was nervous, stepping on her toes. I didn't say hello, I didn't do nothing, I acted as if I didn't recognize her. I noticed her gaze upon me numerous times. Just looking at me training. At one of these occasions I held her gaze, looking into her eyes. She held it for a while then looked away. I could lie, but since I saw her again, and now here, I was really into her. I can't explain it why, but I was. When she left on the first occasion, I said hello to her, and she greeted me back, but she didn't look at me, like she's ashamed of something, tilting her head down. After this I didn't see her for like 3 weeks. Then she came back. Same things happened as it did the first time. Except this time I decided to ball up, and try to fix this and eventually figure out what is going on because I feel something for her for some reason. So I made some small talk to her, complimented her. She smiled and blushed again. Just like the first time. I felt like she actually enjoyed my presence.


I thought all is going well, maybe I will ask her to train with me and maybe deepen this "relationship", but since this happened I haven't seen her. This happened a week ago. I feel like she's avoiding me again. I don't really know what to make of this. Why is she doing this? It's like she doesn't know what to do.

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No man, the question was whether you guys think if she's interested or not. Not whether I should deal with a girl who might be willing to break up with her BF for another relationship.


Cause at this point I can't tell. Really. If she is, the least of my problems is her boyfriend. His loss if he's not making her happy.

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Look man. If she's happy, good for them. Then she wouldn't be looking my way anyways. If she's not then why are you saying I should stay away? It ultimately won't be my decision.


I don't want to be "that guy". All I'm saying if she doesn't want to be in that relationship anymore, she shouldn't have to be. I'm just confused by her actions. I wasn't even planning to go near her, but she already knew my training schedule from last time and she shown up exactly when I arrive. And screw me if I'm a bad guy for that, but I like her too.

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