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I met a girl I like.. this is weird


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This is such a weird feeling because I met a girl I actually like. I didn't think I would find someone after my first love... very excited that I've made so much progress. Even if this doesn't work out it still tells me that I have made a ton of progress and my heart is opening up to others. Very positive!


Anyways here's the scoop.. we met last Thursday at my work, I work at a restaurant and I ended up getting off early and hanging out with her until 4am... we kissed etc.. the chemistry was honestly unreal.. I had a buddy of mine say you could literally cut the chemistry with a knife and he hadn't seen that in a long time. He went on to say "it was very cool to see"... we've been texting back and forth a bit but I'm really not feeling like it's going anywhere over text specifically... feels a bit linear (because well.. that's what texting is) but I told her a little while ago that I was going to get a few things done and go to the pool but that "I'd be back in a bit"...


She read it but did not respond. Should I text her back? Or what... idk what to do.


Thank you for any advice.


Kinda getting back into the swing of texting a girl like this haha.

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