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He's giving me mixed signals at work


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So i've been attracted to this guy at work for a year now. Lets say his name is Alex. I always thought the feeling wont be mutual so i never tried to make it any moves. I really want him but i know it would never work out because he doesn't prefer relationships. He sometimes sleep around and sometimes goes ages without seeing anyone and im not the type to sleep around. I gave up hope and sometimes flirt with a guy when he comes at my work. A month ago, Alex suddenly starts talking to me and flirts also. My other coworker notices and teases a bit. Alex asks me questions like if i see a good looking guy walking with his dog on the street, would i try to talk to the person, meaning him. He says he that talking about his dog makes a girl interested in him, then he starts showing me his dogs pics and videos. He always speaks to me with a teasing tone, kind of like pronouncing the vowels in a sing song voice. I know he isnt mocking me cuz my coworker once told me that he only uses that tone with me and he does it cuz he likes me as a person and respects me and Alex finds my reactions to his dating habits funny. He also said that if Alex doesnt like anyone, he makes it sure to let my coworkers know and when he thought i might leave work, he was pretty upset. The flirting escalated to the point where i jokingly asked him if he flirted with me anytime. He never directly answers and instead said he likes to keep things low at work so no one at work can have a problem with whats goes on and its not always black and white with him and he asked me if i ever flirted. I told him if he doesnt want to tell me its fine and he asks me dont u flirt with that guy who comes at work. I once gave him a flower a girl came me and jokingly said that she told me that if someone gives this rose to anyone, then that person likes them. Alex looked very surprised and told me why dont i tell him how I really feel. He flirted for the next few days then suddenly after we spoke directly about his flirting and him not giving a straight answer, he stopped it all of a sudden. He doesn't talk other than work related stuff, he did talk to me teasingly once or twice in that tonw but basically stopped flirting. I dont know why he started flirting in the first place and why he stopped. Im not sure if he was just looking to sleep with me or he doesnt want to get into it cuz we're coworkers or something else. I know he was attracted there and it seems like he wanted to avoid saying out loud what he felt. Its very hard for me to see him

Everyday and not be attracted. What do i do? What do u think of his behavior of all that?

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I've tried a lot to avoid it and stop being attracted but tbh, i dont know how i stop looking at him in that sense. Im not sure if hes exactly sleeping around. All i know is he sometimes dates but not seriously and he prefers not to do relationships cuz his ex cheated on him a long time ago. Plus he knows i wont be him like that. Ive tried getting over it but then he talks to me in that tone and it messes me up. Honestly, I would like to have a guess why he flirted n stopped like that. Atleast if it was for a bad reason, i can dislike him for that.

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