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Please i need your urgent help


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Ive been dating my girlfriend for more than a year now and i have some issues concerning our relationship and i really need some advice.

So my girlfriend has anxiety, depression and diagnosed with a chronic illness and i just want to do everything that i can to make her feel better about everything by doing things her way and doing everything a step ahead of her so that she'll feel special, loved etc. But when i dont, for example, clean her bed when it's very messy she would start saying "oh you dont even care about me" or "nothing goes ever goes my way" there's even times when she says "you always think of yourself you never thinm about me and always thinks the whole world revolves around you" it really hurts when she says stuff like that to me when i run to her house around 6:50 -7 oclock in morning (she told me that she gets really anxious in the morning so i told her that ill come over at that time so when she wakes up ill be there).

She even told me that she gets really anxious when i go out of town, there was a time when i went out of town to go to my local annual football club trip to watch a live game and i spent the entire football game appologizing to her and telling her that nothing is going to happen because i mentioned to her that some girls from our town is there (these girls were considered one of the popular kids) i even spent the whole trip talking to her even though i was dead tired and wanting to go to sleep but if i tell her that i knew she would be having a fit and be in a mood so i just put up with it and kept talking to her.

She doesnt want me to have to do anything with other girls, even the girls that i have known and have been friends with for years i wasnt allowed to talk to them because it apperantly make her feel like when i do but she talks and had a best friend, that was a guy at work and they were really close with each other so close that she wouldve dumped me on the spot if i were to do the same (until he talked and told everyone that he hooked up with her lol).


I really love my girlfriend but i guess im just so tired of it all, i thought that i wont mind my situation but i have been starting to mind it greatly and i want some advice with how to make things better not just for her but for me too.

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This girl is immature, manipulative and controlling, and you have become her man-servant.


You're not helping her with your behaviour, you're enabling her - big difference. Stop that. She orders you around because you allow it. Her insecurities are hers to deal with, not yours. She tries to make it appear that it's your fault, but it's not. It's just easier for her to act like she owns you than to actually deal with her problems.


Go and find that backbone of yours and stop permitting her to yank you around. If she won't stop, you need to walk away.

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She sounds unstable, you sound like a very compassionate loving person but you have to be firm with her and tell her how you feel and that her behaviour is unacceptable. You have to take control of the situation because it won't get better unless you do. She needs counselling and medication, she isn't well. With help I'm sure you can have a great and healthy relationship but not until these issues are addressed, its going to make you both hate each other and it will get a lot worse trust me... you need to be strong and sort it pal.

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