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How to handle this kind of thing? BREAKUP with what?

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Bare with me please this is kinda LONG


So before i tell my situation here are some facts that might help you guys in helping analyzing the situation. Our age gap is 4 years. When me and her became official she is 17 and im 21 now im 24 and shes 20. Yeah we had a 3 years of relationship.


This is more complicated situation than normal breakup. Early this year like March we broke up she broke up with me we had a talk. But before that of course like normal relationships we had misunderstandings and all that but sometimes she just wont compromise. It came down when I said that I don't feel pain on my exes (my gf before her) after we broke up because she kinda cheated on me. And she said that why am i not feeling anymore maybe she got afraid that I might felt the same way to her so she broke up with me even when were still together its like i did that on my ex before her cause "cheating" why wouldn't you be salty right?


So here is the case. We are in an open relationship (I know its hard and weird because for me it was like not the end because i still think we dint broke up and maybe she thinks that way too) we still go out on date do sweet stuffs like what GF/BF normally do we are still intimate to be exact.


And then May came (still this year), I was out on my friends house for like 3 days because its his birthday more like vacation on a near province. This is where the axe dropped folks. She texted me and said that she already had someone new.

Of course like all of us who find relationship this important would feel very devastated and damaged(I'm not gonna cry bruh BUT I DID!). I did that desperate moves the pleading and asking for forgiveness wanting her back again that is like whole of june and some late May. I know its very wrong and first and foremost she already had a new guy nobody would do such things but sometimes she tells herself shes confuse and whatnot and not sure on her new one.


She always justifies that we already broke up like months ago and (in our relationship) that I dont effort in our relationship and all that and when the time she is depress that guy knows how to handle her depression (shes pointing out that i dont know how to handle hers) that he is really a good guy and our difference is overwhelming and all that. Shes an artist by the way and the guy is like a poet or something. Im an artist myself too but a Digital One (videos and photos). She said that she didnt just know him from somewhere he was like part of their art group (So I was like what?) .So you know what make me that feel right? Ill leave it up to you guys.


So, one day I realized that this is all bull and decided to protect my self because im really hurt like I dont want to lose myself in this kind of thing Im losing the real me. So I did the no contact rule first block her on all social medias and such deleted our photos you know? forgetting and trying to move on stuff.


And I think Im doing pretty well till this mid july she texted me that she misses my dog so much I mean our dog because it was her gift to me on our anniversary pretty cool dog. So she texted me she says she misses it and cant stop thinking about it (the dog) and wanted to see him. So I was like bruh I am in no contact rule and I didnt reply of course Im here moving on while you guys doing what you want. Until this late july she said that she still not having her period. And the last time that she had sex was with me it was mid May too after the week we had sex was the week that she say yes to the dude I mean officially them. So I was like f***!. Im gonna break the no contact rule. Because the life of our possible baby might be in the line. (She has a irregular menstruation cycle it takes atleast 2 months or more or less for her to have mens) So its possible that it might be just that.


But I just stayed calm and said. "What do you want? After all what happened and all after you break my heart youre gonna say that I might be the father? I dont know what you guys are doing when you are together"

and then she said she wants to meet up talk things through. Of course I didnt want to meet up I was hurt big time by this woman and would only contact me for this kind of thing? I mean dont get me wrong Im a responsible man I said that to her if I am the father I would gladly raise the child because it is mine (I even said that on text message that Im a responsible person if its mine then its mine). Buy can you believe this? she said she would contact me in a month if shes really pregnant or not. She says she would contact me in a month if shes really pregnant or what.


I mean ? how selfish can you be? You know what I thought guys? I think she only texted me because.


1. The baby story might not be true and shes trying to get into me because shes guilty and its killing her and she want some kind of go signal from me for her new relationship.

2. The baby story is true and that would make her life miserable because she has a new BF and people will think that she is some kind of you know. B word.


She still haven't contacted to me till now maybe she got her period and is very happy about that. Until one of my friend in facebook. BTW she blocked all my close friends in FB as well. So one of my friends printscreen a status she said bashing me and whatnot you know? I mean I was like wait what? I am the guy that guy that is stepped on in this whole mess, why am I still the bad guy? like god....this...this indescribable feeling man. Why would she do this?


The truth is i respected her even if she hurts me and you know made me her B***! I just didn't expect it from her. I am so disappointed in myself because I always trust my judgement in picking girls like when i pick a girl It never gets out of my thought that someday I will marry this girl so technically when i have a GF I am not wasting my time or whatnot. The goal is always to be with her for the rest of my life. I just cant believe that she can do this thing to me.


Can you guys give your 2 cents on this fiasco?

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I think you need to simplify your love life and just date one girl at a time. It's a lot less stressful that way.


Your gf business will sort itself out. She can take a pregnancy test right now to see if she's really pregnant, and the baby can take a DNA test when it's born to determine who the father is. Until you really know the facts, and not just what she tells you, you can continue the NC rule. Otherwise, she sounds like trouble. You might want to stay away from her.

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