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I dated my ex in 2013-2014 we ended on good terms despite the heartbreak. Main reason he wasn't putting in effort and he was too selfish which he still admits till this day he still is.

We have hung out off and on until I move in the summer of 2016 but his family goes to my new town every year to visit family so we did meet up and go for dinner and we hooked up a little. I have not seen him since last September.


In May I tried to part ways again because I was casually dating someone and I thought it was best. (FYI may previous relationship I cheated on my bf with him and I didn't want to do that again) so I deleted him off all social media and about a month ago I get a text and a email saying hi how are you doing?


I was obviously taken back! I really thought I wouldn't hear from him again that man I was casually dated didn't last long but still he didn't know that. So I responded we chatted I had to ask why are you messaging me? He said " I miss you" ... I'm like oh... Now I may seem pestered by him contacting me but I am only because I moved 4hrs away and I'm moving back. He wants me to come visit I said to him you come out here!


I'm just so confused because he has not dated someone since me, I have I dated someone for a year but that didn't work mainly because I like I stated before I cheated on my previous partner with him. However he went on a trip to Mexico and met a girl and has been back since on trips with friends to see her and they went to Vegas together.


I just don't know what to think the other night he said he doesn't want children nor do I but for me just not at the moment, he is not even sure about marriage but I'm not 100% either. I just don't know what to do. Can exes just be friends? Especially now that its long distance? Why does he keep contacting me.

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Firstly, trying to be friends with someone you still have feelings for is a road straight to the mental asylum! Especially when they start moving on with someone else...very painful..!


It is also a false friendship because that's not what you really want.


He keeps contacting you because he has his doubts and guilt to deal with and yes probably does miss you...


But if he wants to reconcile and be exclusive with you then he is the one who needs to put in the effort.


You can pave the way but he has to walk it*


Stay Strong


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