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Hi everyone,


Long story short.... I'm 53 years old and started dating again after almost 30 years of a bad marriage. I dated a few men when I started again. Then I fell for someone. We dated for almost 1 year. We went away together and enjoyed our time together. Then without any notice and explanation he left me for someone else. He posted a picture of his new girlfriend and him on facebook within 2x. It's been 6 months now...and I'm dating. I just can't find a connection with someone.


I'm trying not to think about him and his reasons or just what the hell happened. I feel a little stuck.


Thoughts? Suggestions or advice



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The dating game is a challenge and a half , not least for someone who has come out of a 30 year marriage and rolled straight into that . You just have to put it down to experience , not a nice experience , but just try and class him as your stepping stone to someone better . This happens all to often , in our age group and right back down to teens ..just up and leaving without an explanation .


Just keep in the dating game with an open mind , don't let him deter you or put you off . This is why a connection feels so special , because it just doesn't happen with everyone , but it will happen for you again and you have to be in it win it ...so carry on enjoying life and enjoying meeting people .

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