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Confused and hurt


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My ex broke up with me because he wanted to go an live his dream. Move away and build on some land.He is 44 and said he needs to do this now as he is not getting any younger. Previous exes have all prevented him from doing this.

He shudders at the thought of ever having children, hates the thought. He told me he loved me still and i was a catch. Others guys will think he is mad for breaking up with me. Good career, no baggage, nice home, car and very attractive etc

He has now got with a girl who popped out her first baby at 15 and has had a further 2 children off 2 different fathers (sorry im being y i know).

She has had quite a rough background growing up and has no career......quite the opposite to me. Well, her youngest is 13 years old.

What i dont understand is he has said all of these things about living his dream and never having children and he has gone and done the opposite. He no longer wants to live his dream as after 2.5 months he is super in love with this girl. He has been out for meals with her anc her children and spends most of his time at her house.

Im really upset because i now feel ne has just fobbed me off in order to break up. I gave up the opportunity to have children to be with him and now he is playing step dad after 10 weeks of being with her!

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Oh man that's messed up plain and simple. What a fool. And guess what???? The grass is never greener on the other side. You may be the one that is hurt right now, and rightfully so, but when he gets sick and tired of dealing with an unmotivated woman and taking care of HER kids, he will regret he ever left you. And too bad for him, his loss. He made his bed, eventually he will lay in It. As for you right now, you have to go through all these emotions of feeling betrayed, dismissed, stabbed in the back, sad, angry etc. But just remember that this too shall pass and no emotional feeling is ever permanent no matter how much it hurts. You will eventually get over it and until then, just know there is someone better for you out there and just be glad that you are self sufficient. Best wishes!

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