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New guy too emotional


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I've gotten out of a relationship 1 year ago with my ex-boyfriend of 5 years, however we still used to hang out few times a month and we also had sex occasionally until one month ago, where we cut all contact.


Two weeks ago I started seeing a new guy but not officially dating or in a relationship with him, we just like to hang out, and we also kissed a few times. I was clear that I didn't want a relationship right now and he understood. I arranged a meeting with my ex-boyfriend and when I told the other guy about it, he started crying a lot. Is this expression of emotions normal? How would his reaction be if we were actually together or how would he react to other things/problems in 1-2 years? I'd appreciate some advice, thanks.

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Well he got really sad and cried a lot because I still have feelings for my ex-boyfriend but I was clear about that from the start.


Well, hes too attached to you I would say, and thats probably causing his extreme reaction, but you arent helping with telling him youre not over your ex and communicating with said ex. This is unnecessary drama and probably wont end well.You may want to cut him loose.

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