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A decision between my child or my girlfriend


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I'm facing a tough decision that is all about what's best for me and my child, but in turn I will probably lose the best relationship (2 1/2 years) I have ever had if I am honest about everything. I've made the pro's and con's list, I've discussed it with friends, and now something new has come up.

There are 2 adults and one child plus one large smelly lazy dog living in a 1 bedroom apartment. I hate it and my child isn't too happy about it either. We may soon have the opportunity to move into an affordable 2/2 brand new, mixed income apartment complex. The only thing is they don't accept pets other than service animals. So the dog can't go (no problem here) and I'm sure my girlfriend won't either because that is her baby. The relationship is pretty decent but I'm not fond of the dog and I won't let it get in the way of my son and I getting into a better place to live. The housing market here is really tight and expensive especially for a mother who has a low income, so I don't have many choices. I want to jump on it while I have the opportunity. If she loves me, the relationship will last. I am upset but I don't plan on breaking up with her. The decision should be easy but isn't. On top of everything the she, the udogs owner is going out of the country in 2 weeks and just assumed I'd take care of her dog. She never asked me. I brought up the fact I didn't want to do it and she apologized after I was crying but at that point it was too late. She still assumed I would watch the dog. I never said yes and explicitly told her I am mad and don't want to do it. I let her know I'm so mad I was thinking about breaking up with her. I am recovering from foot surgery and I have a child. I'm telling her all this soon. I've had enough and I'm thinking about asking her to leave.

Update: she went on vacation, left the dog with me. We have been texting while she is on the bus. I set up an appointment for pre leasing the apartment for next week. I an really conflicted on what to do!

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