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Confused about his feelings for me now after break up


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Hi all


I posted here a little while ago, about breaking up, getting back together and breaking up (cyclical relationship)


I won't bore you again with all the details, just to say that he is younger than me, and doesn't have children, and I do. We are also Long distance, well about 2 hours car drive away.


We are best friends, really we are/were, but because of our age and children differences, he felt it just couldn't work, despite us being very much in love. All other aspects were great. Love, friendship, interests, laughter etc etc. It really was gut wrenching for both of us.


Anyway, having already posted all of this, this isn't my point.


My point is that we are still communicating with each other and I just don't know what to do about it. Its like nothing has really changed, but of course it has. We are still sharing things with eachother, still very flirty etc. But I fear that its hurting me, but for him its just a way of letting go slowly. The last time we broke up, I just stopped talking to him, and it was so very hard. It feels less hard this time, but I think I am hoping that he will come back, but I don't think he will. Do I just politely say stop messaging me, but then I know I'll be heartbroken even more than I already am.


Its all starting to drive me nuts and I'm not eating or sleeping well at all.


Thank you all


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