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Is he shy or does he not have true feelings for me


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Advice please... so my boyfriend and I have been seeing each other since January 2017. Things ended up moving pretty quickly as I moved into his place in may. He's great I really adore him, he's a career driven, funny, handsome, loves animals, and would rather stay home on a Saturday night and make dinner and watch movies with me. And I love that. He's 24 only been with one other girl besides me, relationship wise and sexually..she left him for another man two years into their relationship. My only complaint is he isn't really affectionate. He hasn't told me he loves me, doesn't kiss me, (says he doesn't like kissing). But yet he's very needy, he wants me to cuddle him and massage him and touch him etc. he doesn't ever call me babe or hun or any pet names, or tell me I'm pretty. But I call/tell him all these things. Whenever I initiate a hug or playful fight he gets a big smile on his face. All of his friends tell me they've never seen him so happy. It's just strange to me he wants me to be all over him but he won't initiate anything with me. What's the deal with this. However he does tell me his friends and co workers tell/ask him how he "picked me up" because I'm "way out of his league" apparently.. Idk I'm just confused and I doubt that he has real feelings for me because of this. Thanks in advance

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