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Hi my names Sean I'm currently in my 1st relationship with a girl a truly truly adore we have been saying for 5 months but she lives in the US and I in the UK she visited in July and it was the best week of my life but before then we've been having problems I don't know why but I can't shake the feeling that something is not right and that she is hiding or not telling me something she doesent have any girl friends but has all guy friends and it makes me very uncomfortable but I can't bring my self to stop her talking to them she's gone to a few concerts before with 2 different guys both being a 1 on 1 situation one of them was a ex boyfriend and the other being a friend. As of recent a situation arised from the only girl grind she has the situation was that her friend had caught her boyfriend watching porn and she told me about it now for me I've never thought of watching porn wilst in a relationship to be a bad things and I know some people take it differently so she asked me if I had of recent (we had a conversation in the past prior to this and she did express how she's didn't like it but couldn't stop me from Doing it and that she didn't want to ever hear about it) I lied to her when she asked and told her I hadn't and I am someone who can't lie and keep it up so hours later I caved and told her the truth and she was devistated I never realised what impact it would have on her and I did not intend to hurt her like that that's not what kind of person I am but since then we have other problems and I've been questioning her and as I said before I can't shake the feeling that she is hiding something possibly to do with another guy or something I can be abit much and I do express quiet strongly my feelings towards other things and she has told me she feels like I'm controlling her she has been cheated on multiple times in the past and we had a argument about how what I did and other smaller issues that happend after have made her feel horrible about her self and her body and made her feel not good enough for me when I asked her if I was the only one to make her feel like this she said yes and I couldn't understand it as I didn't know watching porn was such a big deal she said it's because she has sent me many things her self that it made her feel betrayed and cheated on when I watched porn and has caused her to have a body distortion issue that she sais only I have ever done to her but she has been cheated on many times and not felt like that. I have never spoken or flirted or anything with another girl nor do I intend to we've been fighting allot and mostly because of me what can I do to save my relationship with her I've swore I would change and not let my insecuritys get in the way anymore and question her like I have recently. I've tried to make her feel better about her self but I can only do so much being 4,000 miles away I love her with all My heart and couldn't bare to be with out her please help.

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Yeah, a lot of girls (and that extends up to 80-year-old women) think that guys watching porn is cheating on them!! A lot of guys get embarrassed and don't want to talk about it, but you can make some girls understand that if you don't do it every couple of days you could go crazy and be forced cruise bars or do other things to pick up anyone just to have sex and ejaculate. Porn is just a fantasy, your gf is real. They don't compete. And a lot of girls are now using porn too during lonely times.


If she doesn't see it that way, then your relationship is going to difficult. Wives have a way of finding you when you're doing it, and each time will spur another argument. It won't be happy times when that happens. You've got to explain why you look at porn to her.

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