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Below is a post i made yesterday regarding some questions i was having about how i was dealing with a break up. I have a couple new questions now that i will put at the bottom of this post but first read the post from yesterday which is right below. Under the post from yesterday will be my updated questions. Any input or advice would be greatly* appreciated, as it is great to have family and friends to lean on in these situations, eventually they get tired of hearing of the same old problems so it would be great to here some fresh opinions and perspective on this, thank you.



Should i still be feeling this way


So i'm going to try to keep this as condensed as possible but nevertheless it's still going to be pretty long but i would greatly appreciate any input




So i'm 16 and me and my girlfriend of roughly 10 months broke up about a month ago. She broke up with me and i was incredibly shocked she said she had lost feelings for me and that she just felt too controlled. Like i said its been about a month and things have been very tough. I went NC for about 10 days but we have had a few really casual, friendly, and pretty short conversations since the breakup. When we broke up she said it was extremely important to her that we remained friends and i said ok but now i honestly have no clue if we are friends or not. I've had a really hard time im just so shocked i did not see this coming at all and i dont understand how she lost those feelings that appeared to be so strong for me and i dont understand how she is so like ok and fine about the whole thing. I feel like i'm being ripped apart inside any time i see a picture of her or anything on social media and ive never felt such hurt anxiety confusion and exhaustion, it just feels like my entire life has been this hazy blur. I dont understand how you can stop loving someone, like it just doesnt make sense to me if i love someone and they are an important part of my life that isnt something that just comes and go's. she is about a year and a few months younger than me so maybe some of it is just emotional immaturity. There are times like when im working out or with my friends even just shooting the playing video games where i feel like myself again but then the agony and dread and anxiety and all of that immediately returns. It's been a month and it still seems impossible to accept that she is not mine anymore. I guess my question is is it ok to still be feeling this way after a month? It feels like im on a treadmill and its still just as shocking and hurtful and as impossible to accept as when it first happened. I think of all the plans we had for the rest of high school and then our lives beyond that and its just like being stabbed in the heart. Im terrified for school to start in a few weeks because i know that seeing her and just being in the school around everyone will bring memories and emotions rushing into me. I just feel so UGH all the time thats the best way to explain it. I'm just having such a hard time and any responses would be greatly appreciated thank you so much for reading all of this if you made it to the end.




Ok now here are some updated questions that i have regarding my situation. Should i block or remove her from all social media? Because seeing pictures of her and what shes doing is very miserable and causes me great pain and anxiety but if i block her i feel like i might drive myself crazy wondering what shes doing and if theres any guys trying to get at her etc. my next question is should i tell her how i feel? Should i tell her that im willing to change some of the things i was doing and that i would really like to try our relationship again? I know that it is probably unhealthy for me to be in contact with her but i kind of feel like maybe if i talk to her about it i can get closure and clarity one way or the other. If i talk to her and she doesnt want to try again at the moment then at least maybe i can ask her what exactly went wrong and try to maybe pick her brain on the whole thing a little so i can get some kind of understanding and clarity on the whole situation because right now it doesnt make sense to me and i drive myself crazy wondering the same questions all day. Finally, it has been a month and im not sure that i have made any significant progress in moving on. I feel like i have made some marginal progress but not a lot and i feel that i suffer a lot of setbacks. Is this ok? School starts in a little less than a month and im scared that if im not in a better place by then things could be extremely difficult. I know that this is a long process but is it ok to have gone a month with only marginal progress even tho i have been trying to do all the right things (workout, be social, etc.) im looking for answers for all of these questions and any replies would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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