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A Vanishing Act


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There is a guy I work with at a major resort-he is younger than I am (about 7 years) but he is cute anThere is a guy I work with at a major resort-he is younger than I am (about 7 years) but he is cute and likes to flirt and says pretty things to me-I didn't really think much of it and just kind of laughed his blatant flirtations off because he is kind of a known flirt. One day he gave me his number and I just let it sit on my bedside table for a week before I broke down and texted him (this was last Tuesday) and so up until that Sunday we were texting off and on and I was the last one to text..something flirty..and then boom a day goes by-no response-then two...nothing.I didn't see (and haven't seen) him at work at this point (but I'll get to that later). There was no trace of him on social media and always looks at my ig stories.

On the third day of him being MIA (and a week after we started texting)I get a text from him that says "hey you!" Not even acknowledging what I had said in the previous text I sent or explaining why he ghosted. I was relieved because I was being really hard on myself and stressing about it. shortly after I got his text I saw on my friends Facebook that this and the guy I'm talking to had been training at a different in the resort those past few days I hadn't heard from him: He was busy! Makes since!

So throughout the day we are texting a bit-mostly centered around how I was egar to have my upcoming days off because I had a rough few days (which I had) and also that I saw he got cross trained with that friend of mine: he asked "why(my week had been rough) ) and was like "yeah that was me (: (training)" so I was just like "I'm just burned out from work and I'm having a pre birthday mini exstitental crisis (which was mostly a joke)" also acknowledge his accomplished training and wrote "that I assume it went well?" Just a casual text and it's been 2 and a half days-he has vanished again.

the only trace I've seen of him is that he watched one of my instagram stories this morning but didnt watch the one after.

Believe me i know that A) he has a reputation B) he owes me nothing since we just started taking C) I could be over analyzing the whole situation and D) there are other players in this game and he is stringing me along, but this has caused me great anxiety and confusion. I don't know when I'm going to see him at work or what I should do when I see him..should I act cool? Be like "hey if your not feeling it, then your not feeling it and that's ok" ? I don't think trying to text him again is a good idea so I'm trying not to do that, but I just needed to talk my self down from this so if any of you have advice or can sympathize, I'd really appreciate hearing what you have to say.

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Not feeling what? All you've done is text the odd flirt to one another.


He's caused you "great anxiety and confusion?" Really? Why is that? What expectations are you expecting from a d-bag flirter who threw you his telephone number and didn't even have the interest enough to actually ask you out?


How should you act when you see him? Like he's a co-worker that you have no interest in him but don't be acting.

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