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Am I in love?


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Can you fall in love in a month? I just started a new relationship with this guy...things are going great and we are extremely happy...I can't describe the way he makes me feel but I think I'm in love....am I in love? Or am I just overwhelmed that I finally found someone who makes me this happy ...is it too soon...I'm confused

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Nope, that's not love, that's lust and infatuation.


Love takes a lot more time and if you can see all sides of a person, including the bad sides, then it's closer to love.

Wait until you and he have had a bad argument and he is being a total jerk to you, or when a crisis hits in one of your lives, wait until one of you is sick or down in the dumps, or can see each other looking not too attractive either from being ill or bad sleep or whatever. If you still work well together in all of those times and you still feel just as attracted and are happy and can maintain respect, loyalty and a good friendship, then you can consider it love.


I personally also feel that love is long lasting and it is not fleeting or goes away. I think many people mistake love for short term or something that is easy and all hearts and lowers, but that's not love.

Love is so much more and lasts years and years, some might say it's only love if it lasts a lifetime and you remain a couple the entire time and still are in love after a lifetime.

But it takes far more time and is far more in depth than what you are talking about.

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I don't think love is something you find. You can find the right person who eventually builds love with you and is compatible with you but you won't know if they are the right one and if it's actually love until far down the road. I think many people get it confused and mix up strong feelings of lust and infatuation with love or that they think they can"find" love...it doesn't work that way, unfortunately.

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